Zoe is an African American screenwriter with a beautiful script that embodies diversity. Her movie stars a voluptuous black woman, who is not from the hood, interacting with Mexicans, who are not narcos or immigrants. In her quest to get this non-traditional movie made, she explains to a big time producer, “Diversity does not mean having more black characters, it means telling universal narratives through diverse perspectives.” But alas, that is only her definition of diversity. The Hollywood executives feel differently.

A script consultant informs her that Mexican men in a bar makes the audience uncomfortable, so she changes her bar scene to American tourists. She’s told by an agent that all good movies have a humorous sidekick, so she adds a best friend. When top Hollywood managers demand that she write a part for the famous movie star “Bryan Alonsio,” her script changes to something completely different. The movie shifts visually back and forth between Zoe in Los Angeles and seeing her actual movie play out in Mexico (changes and all). Tragically, Zoe continues to spiral away from her original vision, but while this happens, the audience also sees the beautiful story that is being diluted; this is the story of Susan and Luis.

Susan and Luis were college sweethearts who were separated when Luis was forced to return back to Mexico after his student visa expired. Ten years later, Susan is unhappy about every aspect of her life. With nothing to lose, she travels to Mexico in search of Luis, the love of her life. When she finds him, their reunion is nothing short of electric, and it’s apparent that what they had was a love of a lifetime. But with a wife and kids, Luis is no longer available. This beautiful story touches on the themes of loneliness and life choices and also brings us to a wonderful small Mexican village where we are immersed in a colorful world with interesting characters.

Unfortunately, we never get to fully resolve this story because in reality, a movie like this is not commercial enough to get made, and Zoe needs to sell her script. Una Great Movie, is a funny, touching, absurd, and smart ride. It reflects on love, loneliness, and the choices that we make.  It takes the audience through a journey of emotions shrouded in laughter.