The Money… the plan… the needs:

The main goal now, is to get the attention of good distributors and get this movie into theaters or on a high profile streaming platform. Unfortunately, you can’t just call distributors. You need to get visibility by screening at festivals and getting press. This all costs a lot of money… here is the rough breakdown:

  • Film festival entry fees $3000 entry fees (a goal of 10 fests at 1/5 acceptance rate= 50 festivals to enter.)
  • Film festival travel¬† $10,000 (10 festivals @ $1000/fest – airfare, lodging, cabs, food)
  • Festival promo material $1000 (posters, postcards, labels, mailing fees)
  • Festival Screeners/Prints of film $2500 (blu-rays, DCPs, Quicktime hard drives, labels, mailing fees, screening room rental for quality check)
  • AVAILABILITY, in order for festivals to work for you, you must be available to attend in person and do the press in person. My job at the YMCA allows me flexibility to do this, but barely pays my rent. So just on living expenses, I go further in debt every month. This is a debt I am willing to accrue, but it makes festival expenses and extra financial burden.
  • Film production costs that are still on credit cards total $80,000 (Monthly payments are made to maintain this debt.)

The above expenses go with the scenario that the festival route goes well and gets me to a distributor. If that does not happen there are various routes of self-distribution which will be decided on down the line. Believing in this movie and wanting it to be seen in movie theaters (its intended platform) before streaming on-line, we have budgeted a one city three week release with marketing and theater rental at $200,000 with the expectation of making more than that back by the end of the run. But this will be down the line only if necessary.