When a dedicated screenwriter takes notes from Hollywood executives, her script transforms from a beautiful story about a black woman traveling in Mexico, to a romantic comedy featuring an all white cast.

A uniquely told story, with an ensemble of professional actors improvising with local Mexicans, “Una Great Movie,” will open minds and bridge the cross cultural racism perpetuated by stereotypes. It portrays a humble, rustic view of Mexico that will make the world fall in love, not only with the place – but with the people.

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Two black girls in Mexico. A uniquely diverse movie. NOT an URBAN comedy or tale from the hood. NOT a movie about NARCOS or IMMIGRANTS. Just normal people of different races experiencing a moment of life together. This is DIVERSITY! These are the stories and images that we need more of. Not more minority themed movies, but more human themed movies that happen to have different races. This is how we come together and learn more about each other.

“As a filmmaker, my goal is to inspire the audience to reflect on life and personal questions while entertaining them and making them laugh at the same time.”

Jennifer Sharp