Cast and Crew



Numa Perrier


At the lowest point in her life, Susan travels to Mexico to find, Luis, the love of her life.


Jose Casasus


Luis’ peaceful family life is disrupted when his first love finds him after 10 years.

Jake Olson

Jake Olson


The Hollywood Megastar who makes various cameos in the “movie within the movie.``


Jennifer Sharp


Susan’s upbeat sidekick who makes friends with the local townspeople.

White Susan Pisar

Natasha Esca

White Susan

In a final attempt to make this movie marketable in Hollywood, African American Susan finally turns white


    William McKinney


    The pitiful yet charming best man that every Hollywood romantic comedy needs.


      Taylor Olandt


      The picture perfect bride that every Hollywood romantic comedy needs.


        Jennifer Sharp Director

        Jennifer Sharp

        Writer, Director, Producer

        Jennifer believes that Art has the power to change the world, and artists have a responsibility to facilitate that change. Her film, “Waiting,” challenges viewers to go after their dreams. “Boxed” addresses the baggage we carry. “Time Travelers,” reflects on the absurdity of time. “A Great Movie,” uses humor to address racism, tourism, and how business can destroy art.

        Carlos D

        Carlos Diazmunos, AMC

        Director of Photography

        Carlos is the current President for the AMC, Mexican Society of Cinematographers. He was a pioneer in the digital media bringing Mexican Cinematographers together through the world wide web since the late 90's. He specializes in features, VFX, aerial cinematography, documentaries and commercials where he has participated in over 2,000 productions.


        Luis Ambriz

        Art Director (Mexico)

        Luis trabaja en las areas de teatro dentro de su produccion y diseno de escenografia. Se adentra en el labor de trabajar como escenografo en las filas de una cadena hotelera, dando vida con sus desenos a los espectaculos montados. La incursion en la produccion de publicaidad en filme, deseno de produccion cinematografica, las decoraciones, y recrear lugares con caracter.